Jake Cook

Jake is a seasoned commercial real estate broker, with a passion for helping his clients and facilitating successful property transactions. With over nine years of experience in the industry, he has established himself as a trusted and knowledgeable professional. His prior experience in construction and remediation gives him a hands-on knowledge of such matters that usually takes decades to develop, and which combined with his specific brokerage experience makes him one of top industrial advisors in town.

Throughout his career Jake has focused on industrial properties and land in the greater Denver area. He is known for his tenacity, diligence, and strategic approach to negotiations. Having consistently been described as a “grinder” by those who work with him, he invests a lot of time analyzing his markets to ensure he has the most current market knowledge in the area, and valuable insight to provide to his clients.

Jake’s commitment to client satisfaction sets him apart. He takes the time to build long-standing relationships with those he works with, many of whom have become close personal friends over time.

When not in the office Jake can be found on the river fly fishing or in the field hunting, usually accompanied by his wife Rachel and dog Trapper.