Corporate Headquarters

Graebel Companies Headquarters
161, 000 SF · 401 South Airport Boulevard

Challenge: The property was unsuccessfully marketed for two years by two other brokerage firms as a headquarters facility.

RRC Solution: The team took a multi-faceted marketing approach to a difficult property, marketing the property as a HQ, multi-tenant facility to industrial and office users, as well as an investment property and executed a short term lease in 60 days and a sale within 120 days.

Land Sale

503 Acre · Mixed Use Parcel

Challenge: Simultaneously market and complete the final development plan in the City of Aurora on a massive parcel of land in a “green area” for mixed-use development.

RRC Solution: Along with the ownership, RRC hired Design Workshop and Nolte Engineering to complete the FDP. With those materials RRC was able to attract and close the sale for the full price, $15,000,000 cash.

Industrial Redevelopment

Firestone Building · 152,000 SF · 4300 Brighton Boulevard

Challenge: Distribution building with low ceilings and a second tier location. The previous marketing team had six months with minimal interest. RRC

Solution: The team capitalized on the telecom market and placed this property under contract within 30 days of executing the listing agreement to an investor who converted the property to a “telecom hotel.”


CED · 112,000 SF · 2405 West 5th Avenue

Challenge: Fred Schmid building with extensive 30,000 two-story office/showroom finish that was vacant for a year. RRC

Solution: The team determined the building would meet the client’s industrial requirement and successfully executed a ten-year lease agreement on the building.

Industrial Investment

Northstar Properties · 128,000 SF · 550 West 53rd Place

Challenge: Low ceiling and difficult layout for a distributor. Marketed unsuccessfully for over a year by another brokerage firm as distribution space. RRC

Solution: The team determined the space was functionally obsolete for pure distribution and successfully marketed to other users resulting in a ten-year lease at above market rates to the Denver Post for a printing facility (55,000 SF), a multi-year lease with Flash Global Logistics (24,000 SF) for overflow warehouse space, and a ten-year lease to Amish Showcase Furniture (49,0000 SF).


Kroger · 248,000 SF on 36 Acres · 4038 Dover Drive

Challenge: Sell or lease a large facility in a remote location. RRC

Solution: The team targeted all logistics companies, executed the listing agreement and within four months, leased the property to Kroger and sold the property to Northstar Commercial Partners.